New Card Window Layout Object

Idea created by flukey on Nov 29, 2018

    For some time now developers have requested some form of a layout object that can be created once and inserted into any layout.  Thus all layouts with this object could be updated simply by updating this one object.


    I believe that we are very close to this right now with the card window introduced in FM16, but it would need a few tweaks to make it usable for this purpose.


    1) Allow us to insert a card object into a layout during layout mode or via script

    2) Allow more than 1 object to be added to the layout

    3) Allow us to be able to resize the object via script (we can do this now to the card window)

    4) Make the card object non-modal

    5) Of course it should be able to have its own context (similar to the current card window)


    Please comment and add/delete options/benefits.