Fields that can be scrolled while not being editable

Idea created by CarstenLevin on Dec 5, 2018
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    Issue: It may be relevant to be able to scroll the text of a field that is not editable (locked by privilege set or by field entry being disabled).


    • Fields that have Field Entry [Browse mode] turned of are totally blocked. And even if "Show vertical scroll bar" is checked it can not be used.
    • Fields that have Field Entry [Browse mode] active but are locked by the privilege set will allow the user to enter the field and scroll. But if the user then believe that he/she can edit an ugly default uncustomizable error deialog will occur.
    • The same is the case if you use the calculated field work-around.


    Idea: A solution where you can scroll a field even though you can not edit it.


    Different approaches:

    1. A new field type "Scroll field" that can be scrolled but not edited.
    2. A property for a calculation field: Allow scrolling without error dialogs.
      The ui/ux problem is that it may be confusing for the user to be able to enter a field without being able to edit it and not getting error dialog. Solution: Defining a style that make it very obvious that this is a display field.

    There are probably many other ways of doing this. Suggestions!