BC years

Idea created by FrankvanderMost on Jan 16, 2019
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    The idea: Extend the date range in date and time-stamp fields, functions and layouts (date picker) to include BC years. It is important to have the option to include a year zero or not.


    FMP already serves the interest of historians, archeologist, linguists  and astronomers and other people with an interest in the past, by supporting dates going back to 1 January 0001. However, the omission of BC years cripples that effort significantly.


    The option to include a zero year or not, expands the width of potential interest. Astronomers work with a zero year, whereas scholars in the humanities work without a zero year.


    For further background see the thread Wish list for extended calendar support


    Many thanks to (in order of appearance in the thread to) CamelCase_data, Computor, beverly, TorstenBernhard, historychef, and mardikennedy for their help