Support for additional calendar systems

Idea created by FrankvanderMost on Jan 16, 2019
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    The idea: Support in field definitions, calculations and layouts for additional calendar systems.


    Such calendar systems would be those used by historical scientific disciplines and the currently used civic calendar systems. ISO 8601, Astronomical, Gregorian, Julian, Muslim, Hebrew, Hindu and Buddhist


    Obviously, this is a very broad-ranging request. It could be expanded into specific requests. This would then also include adding DayName<x> and MonthName<x> functions for different languages and calendars (or a generic DayName ( date ; language ; calendar system )


    Support for translations between different calendars through a function.


    Currently, FMP supports the Gregorian calendar system, which is  the widest used in the world. However, important parts of the world population still also use other calendar systems. Secondly, many scientific disciplines in the humanities use different calendar systems for research purposes.


    For further background see the thread Wish list for extended calendar support


    Many thanks to (in order of appearance in the thread)  CamelCase_data, Computor, beverly, TorstenBernhard, historychef, and mardikennedy for their help.