Extended date range and multiple calendar support

Idea created by FrankvanderMost on Jan 16, 2019

    Recently, in the threads Any historians around? and Wish list for extended calendar support, the issue of extended date range and multiple calendar support came up.


    The discussion originated from the needs of historical scientific disciplines, historians, linguists, archeologists, but also astronomers, climate researchers and biologists. However, in the course of the discussions it appeared that also other markets can be served with expanded date-range and calendar support, which are those operating in cultural  backgrounds where the Gregorian calendar is not the dominant or not the only dominant calendar.


    The discussions lead to a number of product ideas, which are separately presented but should also be seen together for the fuller picture and in order to be voted for as an idea in itself:


    1) Extend the date range in date fields, functions and layouts (date picker) to include BC years, using the Gregorian calendar. It is important to have the option to include a zero year or not. BC years


    2) Extended date range from 4000 to 9999. Together with 1) that means from 9999 BC to AD 9999. Extended date range from 4000 to 9999


    3) Import support and data entry support for ISO 8601 formatted dates, including specifically FMP to recognize the YYYY-MM-DD and YYYYMMDD formats for import. Support for ISO 8601 date format in import and data entry


    4) Support in field definitions, calculations and layouts for additional calendar systems. Support for additional calendar systems


    Such calendar systems would be those used by historical scientific disciplines and the currently used civic calendar systems. ISO 8601, Astronomical, Gregorian, Julian, Muslim, Hebrew, Hindu and Buddhist

    Obviously, this is a very broad-ranging request. It could be expanded into specific requests. This would then also include adding DayName<x> and MonthName<x> functions for different languages and calendars (or a generic DayName ( date ; language ; calendar system )

    Support for translations between different calendars through a function.


    Many thanks to (in order of appearance in Wish list for extended calendar support) CamelCase_data, Computor, beverly, TorstenBernhard, historychef, and mardikennedy for their help