FileMaker Pro on Android

Idea created by Suresh on Feb 12, 2019

    Not only FileMaker Go, We need FileMaker Pro also on Android Operating System...

    Our point is no technical discussion but a marketing or sales one!

    We must live for making products for several kinds of industries, That is what FileMaker was made for.

    But in all our markets, iOS is losing the battle!

    Android is available on Robotic Systems, BoardComputers, Televisions and Yeh... more than 90% of the mobile market! It has a lot to do with the open structure of Android. It is wide accepted for several solutions.

    And second, also important, there are branches with high risk of damaging or theft of the phone, so users won't invest into a 900 dollar phone. Lots of phones are broken within the year.

    So Yeh, Android is winning every day and I am getting stucked with my FM solutions.