Create a new Part - Frozen Left and Right Pane

Idea created by jdressing on Feb 15, 2019
    • Benjamin Fehr
    • jdressing
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    As FileMaker has Navigation Header and Navigation Footer that do not scroll left to right with the Body Part, it would be great if there was a Left Pane or Right Pane on a ListView.  It should be located inside the Body row of a ListView.  It would even be more cool if it could slide by the end user.  (Trying to simulate frozen panes similar to Excel)


    This would allow large layouts that require a lot of scrolling left to right to freeze a left or right section of the Body Part Rows. So in this Right or Left Pane, you could put fields that do not scroll left to right with the rest of the body rows.  It would only scroll up and down with the other rows.


    So in the Part Setup, it would show up above or below Body...  Left Pane / Right Pane.   (See attachment)


    In the Layout Mode designer, when editing the body row, it would be an adjustable slider that you position in the body row.  You could place fields in the left pane or in the right pane.   When switching to Browse Mode, these panes in the body row would not scroll left to right, only up and down.


    In WebDirect, it should behave the same...