Data Migration Tool: add option -ignore_localeSettings

Idea created by Koen Van Hulle Expert on Feb 19, 2019

    Problem Statement

    When a vertical solution developer creates a solution that can be deployed in another language and system, he can create an empty clone that clears the locale settings (MDY order, decimal separator, day names, ...) and the data. When he opens the clone, the  locale settings of the current system is saved in the file and the data needs to be imported manually (or scripted).

    When a user has created a file with the wrong  locale settings, he can fix it by saving a clone and open the clone with the correct  locale settings. The user needs to manually (or scripted) import the data in the new file.


    In both conditions the data migration tool can not be used. The data migration tool will also migrate the  locale settings from the source file to the target file.


    Solution Statement

    Add a new option "ignore_localeSettings" to the data migration tool. When this option is used, the  locale settings of the current system is used in the target file, instead of the  locale settings of the source file.

    The data and indexes in the target application must be updated and requires probably the slower record mode.