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Idea  FileMaker supports exporting + importing of XML files using  XSLT Version 1.0. Using plugins (e.g. BaseElements) XSLT 1.0 transformation functions are also available in calculations.   XSLT Version 1.0 is great but it is now 16 17 years old and (much of) the world has moved on to XSLT Version 2.0 - and for VERY good reasons
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I just installed FMS16 few hours ago. I am totally new with this, so please bear with me...   Since my FMPA 16 and FMS16 is currently under same area network, so it's very easy for me to connect to FMS16 using either FMPA 16 or FMG 16.   However, what if I am not at the same network? In the case, what should I need to configure in
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ご教授お願い致します   繰り返しフィールドに 繰り返し1 繰り返し2 繰り返し3 があった場合。   同一のテーブルのフィールドで フィルド名 A フィルド名 B フィルド名 C   の値を繰り返しフィールドに下記のようにセットしたいのですが可能でしょうか よろしくお願い致します   繰り返し1にフィルド名 Aの値をセット 繰り返し2にフィルド名 Bの値をセット 繰り返し3にフィルド名 Cの値をセット