FM 13 Adv Sub Summary not Summarizing?

Discussion created by synergy46 on Jan 26, 2014
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OK. I've done lots of these reports and they work. For some reason (undoubtedly my fault) I can't see what is causing this one to not work.


It is pretty simple.

All I want is a sub summary by Category::Category and Category::Skill that shows People::c_FullName as well


Here are the relationships:




Here is the layout:



Here is the output after the script runs it:


Notice how the subsummary field is only picking up the first Category and even

after the sort, Category is STILL not sorted?!!! huh?


Here is the script:




I've been wrestling with this for several hours. I suspect that my sort for some reason is not working. But, I have deleted the sort and redone it. I have manually sorted (Task Bar) to no affect. Can you see what I am doing wrong?