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PDF printing with multiple tabs in iPAD

Question asked by billblitz on Mar 18, 2014
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Hello again,

I developed an application which contains 5 tabs (Domain1 Domain2 Domain3 Domain4 Goals). Each tab contains a set of rankings data and comments for that domain(1-4 & Goals). I currently get only the current tab displayed on the screen when I create a PDF. I need to manually cycle thru each tab to the screen and select PDF to get the entire set of data in hardcopy in PDF Page 1 is Domain 1 ........ Page 5 is Goal.


Question 1. Is there a way to go thru each tab and capture the data automatically (Domain 1 to page 1 .......... Goal to page 5) once the application data is completed?

Question 2. The above manual description works correctly in the Windows development environment, however it behaves differently on the iPAD (iOS 7.1). I get only the last selected tab on the screen in the PDF (ie. it only contains 1 page) even though I manually select each tab to the screen and select PDF.


My PDF options are as follows (Restore; Append;No Dialog;$filepath;Current record) $filepath is "filewin:" in Windows environment & $filepath is "filemac:" in the iPAD

I am attaching a Word document (sorry) for those who may be able to read it for a graphical representation of my ramblings. Each tab has similiar attributes as the one I am representing

Thank you for any insight,