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Question asked by filemakernew on Oct 13, 2012
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     This is my first post in the forum. I'am very new to filemaker, I always read from the net to get some information on how to use this software. Now I'm building a data base from a starter solution. In my database to which Im building I have two tables

     1. Dash_Board

     2.  Manufactured_Products

     The problem what Im struggling now is I want that in my Dash_Board table the calculation (Products to be Shipped out Next Month) wil give me a correct count of materials to be shipped out for  next month so that we know how many palletes were going to prepare. If I will put the shipped out date for example January 2, 2013 or March 8, 2013 these two dates are included in the calculation which I dont want. I have attached the link to where you can download my sample database to help you figureout my problem and easy for you to help me.

     Thank you very much.