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Import issue with look ups..

Question asked by willrollo on Sep 22, 2012
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Import issue with look ups..


     Following on from my post the other day, I have created a rather long script to use when I have updated my database and want to import any new records from the active database, Basically, once I have made a copy of the active database, altered it, tested it, I run this script (see bottom of post). The actual script includes all the tables I have that have records in them. As far as I can see, once it has done the import, it all works - except:

     I have a join table between my products table and my invoice table, This is called invoice items. On my invoice layout, I use a portal to invoice items  and have the usual pk and description, price, quantity fields etc. These are look ups/auto enter calcs (getting data from the products table). Once the user clicks on the PK field, the drop down menu appears using a value list from the products table below.

Primary Field


     The problem I am having is although I can scroll down the drop down menu, once I Select something, all the fields remain empty....

     The other exising invoices have imported fine with all their fields in the portal containing the correct data..

     Any ideas why? I assume it is a look up issue but not sure how to work around it...

     Thank you

     Ps the ref to using the GetNextSerialValue in the prev post I didnt quite get - shoudl I need it if i use this sort of script below?

  •           Go to Layout [ “INVOICE ITEMS” (INVOICEITEMS) ]
  •           Freeze Window
  •           Show All Records
  •           Delete All Records [ No dialog ]
  •           Import Records [ Source: “filemac:/Macintosh HD/Users/williamrollo/Dropbox/Filemaker/Filemaker 12/Acres Farm.fmp12”; Target: “INVOICEITEMS”; Method: Add; Character Set: “Mac Roman”; Field Mapping: Source field 1 import to INVOICEITEMS::ID_InvoiceLI_pk Source field 2 import to INVOICEITEMS::Item Source field 3 import to INVOICEITEMS::Description Source field 4 import to INVOICEITEMS::Price Source field 5 import to INVOICEITEMS::Quantity Source field 8 import to INVOICEITEMS::Creation_Account Source field 9 import to INVOICEITEMS::Creation_Timestamp Source field 10 import to INVOICEITEMS::Modification_Account Source field 11 import to INVOICEITEMS::Modification_Timestamp Source field 12 import to INVOICEITEMS::ID_Invoice_fk Source field 13 import to INVOICEITEMS::ID_Item_fk Source field 14 import to INVOICEITEMS::Date Source field 15 import to INVOICEITEMS::qbTxnID Source field 19 import to INVOICEITEMS::Long Description Source field 22 import to INVOICEITEMS::Discountable Source field 25 import to INVOICEITEMS::Hidden Source field 26 import to INVOICEITEMS::Category Source field 27 import to INVOICEITEMS::Report ] [ No dialog ]
  •           Set Variable [ $$fmauto_1065430; Value:1 ]
  •           Go to Layout [ original layout ]