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Importing Excel file from remote server...

Question asked by straka_sh on Aug 4, 2015


Importing Excel file from remote server...


We have a simple script that runs upon file opening:

Go to layout (Lineitem Orders)

Freeze window

Show all Records

Delete all Records

Import Records (Source is an Excel File "Orders.xls": See other comments below, please)

Go to layout


We have Order Records placed on a web form exported at midnight to an Excel file.  Originally, it placed this file on our local server here.  We have 20+ clients who do fundraising around the country each have their own solution.  Each client has a local copy of FM Pro.  They each access their individual solution remotely on a dedicated server.  When "we" here would run the script, it worked perfectly.  When any client/user not local triggered the script, it would say "Orders.xls" not found.

So, we changed the location of the export of the Excel file from our web form to our remote server that the client FM solutions are on.  Now, if we log in remotely, the file "Orders.xls" is not found for us or clients.  The only way we can get it to run is if we are logged into the remote server itself.

I believe it must be something with my path? (but it always works locally)...

 Or is this something with our permissions?  I'm sure that hundreds or thousands of solutions are doing something similar (importing from remote servers not logged into/local to) and are working just fine.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks.