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Complicated Table Links and a Portal

Question asked by MikeHaddon on Dec 21, 2011
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Complicated Table Links and a Portal


These groups have been incredibly helpful in my work to use lookups and portals.  I have reached a new barrier that I cannot figure out, and it includes a more extended table linking structure.  I was hoping by creating the appropriate links that this would magically work, but it isn't working as intended.  Let me start by explaining what I am trying to do on this layout:

1.  I basically have a lookup portal on one side of the layout.  It contains the names of different legislative committee.  It is working (thanks to previous guidance).  What I am trying to accomplish is allowing the user to select a committee from this portal, then have another portal on the right side of the layout display the members of the selected committee.

In this particular case, there are actually some extended table links I am trying to use to accomplish.  Here is what I have:

1.  A table called "Committees".  This table contains an ID that links to a specific committee, as well as an ID that links to the name in a table of legislators.  I have done this so that I don't have to include the names of legislators on each committee (just using their IDs) and I don't have to include the full name of each committee in this table (again, includes an ID that links to a table listing committees).  This table includes a legislator and a committee on each row.  Basically, it would look like the following:

Committee      Legislator

2C                  1H
2C                 10H
2C                 74H

Which might translate into:

Committee                    Legislator
House Ethics                  Doe, John
House Ethics                  Doe, Jane
House Ethics                  Smith, Mark

So, my lookup connects to a table that contains the names of the committees and would also include a CommitteeID.  The lookup contains one row for each committee.  Somehow, when the user selects a committee from this portal, it needs to populate the other portal with the names of the committee members.  The LegislatorID is contained in this Committees table, but I need it to reconcile to the actual name of the legislator (e.g. 1H won't mean much to the user, but Doe, John will).  The actual names are in a different table - Legislators, which contains the LegislatorID that is in the Committees table.

Does this make sense?  Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks!