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Displaying Data from 2 Tables

Question asked by ThomasStout8600 on Dec 21, 2012
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Displaying Data from 2 Tables




     I have separate tables for Line Items and Payments.  When I record one line item and one payment, I can print a receipt that shows the one line. 

     For example:

     Service A: 90.00   Payment: 90.00

     However, when I have 2 or 3 line items, I can only display the payment for the total amount.  I can't allocate part of the full payment to each line item. 

     For example:

     Service A: 90.00

     Product A: 30.00

     Product B: 40.00

     Payment: 160.00

     And what I'd like to see is:


     Service A: 90.00   Payment: 90.00

     Product A: 30.00   Payment: 30.00

     Product B: 40.00   Payment: 40.00

                              Total Payment: 160.00





     How do I get the version I want?

     Thanks for any help,



     PS I'm running FMPro Advanced v10.3 on a Mac - 10.8.2