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Drill Down Choice Menu and Calculations

Question asked by BradenDouglass on Apr 21, 2011
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Drill Down Choice Menu and Calculations


Alright everyone, I know I have asked this perhaps (in some form) before but I didn't find a solution before. What I have is a simple 2 step drill down selection process. When you select the first item it prepopulates the second selection field with the first value of the "new (drilled down) list." This populated value fires, allowing my calculations to occur, lookup values, etc and generally works. When you go to change that pre-populated value to something else, none of the calculations change. If you have values being pulled from the table that is supporting the drill down, nothing changes. If I change the fields from reference to lookup, things function (not calculations because they originally point to the reference table, where lookups have focus on the current table). Any help would be amazing, you all rock, ciao.