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drop down menu containing serial number options

Question asked by cproject on Jul 11, 2011
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drop down menu containing serial number options


Disclaimer: I apologize as I am very new to Filemaker - please keep this in mind when instructing me on my issue as I do not understand the formula/function language... I will likely need basic step-by-step instructions.  Feel free to tell me if this is worth the $45 fee that Filemaker support charges.

I am trying to adapt a template for a tape archival database for research on a film.  This is the challenge I have at the moment:

I have a field for "tape number" (Each main data entry page is for a different tape, so the tape number will relate the record to the physical piece of media - dvd, digibeta etc). Ideally I would like this field to have a drop down or pop-up menu with six options/categories. Each category represents a different type of tape and would need to be numbered sequentially WITHIN that category. 

1000 (would number 1001, 1002, 1003 etc)

2000 (would number 2001, 2002, etc and so on for each below)





Each option would work like the serial number -on commit -option that is offered when you set up a number field.  So if you clicked on tape number and then clicked on the drop-down menu 1000, the number that showed in the box would be 1001 or whatever number was the next available sequentially within the 1000 category. 

I am wondering if this is possible or if I need to make two separate fields, one that specifies that it is the 1000 category, and the next field then acting as a serial number field, numbering that 1000 category sequentially.

Please let me know (if this makes any sense at all) how I can make this happen.  Remember I need super simplified instruction.  Thank you!!!