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Filemaker 9 and 3 iMacs networked

Question asked by damienm3 on Dec 9, 2008
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Filemaker 9 and 3 iMacs networked


Currently we have 3 xp machines with access networked. One of these machines host the database itself that the others connect to via a shortcut. The hosint machine also has a auto backup program running and is the main machine used.


Will FMP be able to host the database file on one machine like the windows but on a iMac running 10.5? The three iMacs will be networked together 10/100/1000 via a 500gb time capsule. I would like to have the same setup with one click database launching. Is this possible with 10.5? It seems there isn't a way to automatically launch a file on a share with out manually connecting to it. Also would the time capsule damage the database file backing up? Should it be excluded from the backup process? I was planning on using Chronosync: to back up the iMacs. This is a similar program that I use for the windows machines. Would this approach damage the file? Normally most users would close FMP at the end of the day but if it was left open the database could be damaged?


FMP can also import a MS Access 2000 database? Can FMP also create and print custom forms from database entries? Or generate a form and then add extra information before printing? Can it save said forms and link them to the entry?


One more important question! Can FMP invoice? This would be fantastic since quik books for Mac does not support multiple users or networking! Which is another question does the database update in real time as three users modify it through out the day? 


I know I am asking a lot of questions but any help would be very appreciated!


 If you have any questions for me please ask this is very important to me to solve!


Thank You!