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Help with validating Time Format

Question asked by john.s on Jan 24, 2014
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Help with validating Time Format



     I using global variables in a layout that will later create new records and print a verification report.  The global var for the time of a session is set up as a Type:Time with Validation Strict data type: Time of Day.  When something that is not a time is entered an error message pops up as soon as another field is clicked.  The problem comes when the time field is the last field entered before hitting the button that runs a script to verify certain fields are not empty, save the current changes, create new records and print a report.  When that happens a pop up asking if you want to Save the record comes up four times.  Is here a was of making sure the time entered is in a format hh:mm (I don't care about AM or PM and it doesn't actually have to be a time field, text would work) without all the extra pop ups?