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Script failing to commit on related portal record

Question asked by JennySemmler on Sep 15, 2013
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Script failing to commit on related portal record


     FMP12: I have a portal with partial data  and a button to open the related data in a new layout.

     The Button Setup is Go to related data using data from the related table and the related layout.

     The Script trigger is on active run:

     Flush cache

     Commit record

     GotoRelatedRecord using related data and layout, show only related records, match current record only

     I'm coming up with an error stating that the record in the new layout cannot be modified because it's being modified in another window. 

     Searching the forum, having a commit command should resolve this and take the focus to the new layout, yet somehow this doesn't seem to be happening.

     I have tried:

     a. Changing the button setup to Commit record and relying only on the script to take me to the related record. Result: the record is committed but I don't navigate anywhere.

     b. Changing the button setup to perform script (as above) - which is not taking me to the current record, but the first related record.

     I'm pretty certain my underlying relationships are good.

     Can someone help please? It's driving me crazy!