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Serializing Records By Category

Question asked by JMPatenaude on Jun 10, 2009
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Serializing Records By Category


I'm new to database creation, and am having a hard time working through an issue on categorized serial records.


We are a magazine publisher and would like to create Invoice ID's for each piece of content we purchase.  We're dividing the db into three related tables, an ISSUE table for each issue of the magazine, a CONTENT table listing each piece of content published, and a CONTRIBUTOR table listing the contact information of each content provider.


The hope was to create a unique Invoice ID for each piece of content based on the issue in which the content appears.  The first part of the Invoice ID would be the Issue ID for issue, followed by a 2-digit number beginning with "01" and then increasing by single increments for each new piece of content purchased for the issue.


For example:  If we purchase 3 pieces of content, 2 for the September, 2009 issue and 1 for the October, 2009 issue, the Invoice Id's would be the following:






I've found a couple of listings in the help section that appear to speak to the issue but I'm either misunderstanding the directions or they are for an older version (we're using FMP10).


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.