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Single Contacts Table Filter For Value Lists

Question asked by KevinForte on May 2, 2011
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Single Contacts Table Filter For Value Lists


I must be missing something because this mundane task has taken me too long to figure out and I know it is simple.

I have 1 contact table with a field named "Position" populated from Value List <Manager,Tech,Intern,Buyer>.  Second Table "Projects" has 4 "job positions" and looks like this. (



On the Projects Layout I want to have 4 drop down menus to populate the Manager,Tech,Intern and Buyer IDs from the Contact table but only have the Value lists show the corresponding Contacts from the Contacts table with the Position of "Manager", "Intern" etc.

I'm definitely way down some road that has completely confused me and I need some help back.  Please give me some suggestions on how to produce these dropdown/popup lists with the filtered values.