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store photo from camera to container field

Question asked by pv on Mar 10, 2011
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store photo from camera to container field


Using fm 11 adv. on windows (xp, vista, 7) network.

Looking thru the posts, I could find no way to take a photo from a webcam (logitech zoom), rename the file to lastname firstname fields, move to a different computer on network (folder where all member photos are stored, as there are 2 different computers that take pictures) and then store the newly named picture as a reference in a container field.

I did download the 360 scriptmaster file (seems like a wonderful thing) and now using "move or rename file".

So currently,  I am using the script Insert Picture (not as a  reference)(with the path set to logitechs default path &  filename),and then I move/rename it. (to my "server" photo folder)

I was thinking about using 360's Get File As Container, but it doesn't look like it has an option to store as reference.

I dont even know if it would matter to embed all the photos in the file.  Currently, its a 2 file system, with my data file being about 2000kb  and my application file being about 5000 kb. Each picture is about 10kb  and I will insert about 2000 of them. Therefore, my data file should go  up to about 22,000 kb?. right?

Would that slow down things, or is that nothing?

Thanks for any more input