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supress or modify validation error messages

Question asked by IvanYivoff on Oct 20, 2010
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supress or modify validation error messages


Hi everyone,

I need to cancel, or at least modify, the error dialogs that appear when I insert a duplicated record in a unique-validated table. Currently I get TWO different error messages. And on either of those I have two options, while anything different from "Revert" is not useful (since it will complain again about the error).

More details:

I have a table products, each of which should belong to a "family" of  products. Besides, each product may be tagged with different things.  Those tags can be used for different products on the same family, but  different Families get different sets of tags.

All that is working, here is the diagram of the DB:DB Diagram

To tag a product and show its tags, I use a pop-up wich only shows the tags for the product's family, and a portal to show which ones are already in use.

Problem is, I don't want to let users tag a product twice with the same key.

To avoid having duplicates I created a calculation field on "tags_products", which basically concatenates the key for the product with the key for the tag, and made it unique. So, if the user try to assign the same tag twice, they get an error.

Problem is, the error is ugly, and unhelpful. I know I can set up a "custom" error message, but that one just pop-ups on addition to the regular message. So I get a mostly useless, but descriptive, message; followed by a very undescriptive message.

Message 1:

Custom error message

Message 2:

Normal Message

I tried setting Capture Error[On] in the script that inserts the row, but there is no difference. What I would like is to get only my custom message, and that the "Revert" on that worked (so the second message didn't pop-up). Or even better, getting a dialog message with only one button ("Revert"), since the "Cancel" message is not useful at all..

Am I doing something seriously wrong?

The example file, if someone wants to take a look, its at

Thanks in advance,any tips would be greatly appreciated.