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Corrupt PDF workaround with multiple sliding portals

Question asked by samuelhall on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2015 by Mike_Mitchell

Hi all,


As I am sure most are aware there is an issue printing to PDF if a layout has empty portals, my problem is that I need to create a large PDF with multiple portals, each of which might be empty. The real issue is that each of the portals is broken down into rows which are defined individually (e.g. Portal with initial row set to 1 with number of rows set to 1 followed by the same portal but with initial row set to 2) this is to allow sliding up to work appropriately as the number of rows might vary from 0 to 10 on some portals and we do not want pages of white space.


I have tried to apply the workaround that I have seen mentioned (setting each portal to hide when a relate field is empty) however this doesn't appear to be working, has anyone tried this on a broken up portal previously? If I cannot apply the work around to each individual row is there any option to have portals sliding up in FMP14? This layout was built in FMP 12 but it is vitally important to our organisation so any way to get the printing to work would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.




P.S. If you require an example file I could probably create one although it will take some time/if you need any clarification please let me know.