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Building A Layout Of Variable Page Lengths

Question asked by kabetz on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by erolst

I have a table that contains a list of companies.

I have a table that contains a list of images.

The tables are related.


What I am trying to do is build a layout that will print out the images for each company.

The problem is that some companies may have 3 images and some may have 5 images.

I can't figure out what fields I put in the layout so that the layout will print only the pages it sees for each company.


As an example, I may have 5 companies and 34 images.

Company 1 = 12 images

Company 2 = 4 images

Company 3 = 0 images

Company 4 = 10 images

Company 5 = 8 images


I want to build a layout that allows me to print etc.


Is there a way to do that?