Ideas area - the good and the bad

Discussion created by intex on Nov 27, 2015
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First of all, I am happy that we now have the ideas area. Posted the wish for such an area in this community in late August.
And it comes close to my wishes :-)


Now that we have the area since a month I think it´s time for a first summary. Mine is as follows:


The Good

We got more than 400 product ideas in days. Most of them are well thought out. Many got positive feedback by votes and comments, so people can see where the community is heading. And people can join in by simple voting, if they might not have the language skills (non English language natives), the will or the time to promote their own ideas. For FMI this area is a huge reservoir for excellent ideas absolutely free of cost.


All that is great. I would by the way suggest two/three further features or input fields/sliders besides the tags.

  • First, one should be able to define, whether the idea is a real BIG one, a game changer or only a small detail solution wish - call it "importance".
  • Second, one should be able to estimate, whether the realization might take great efforts or just little work - call it "effort". So then people can judge better if it's worth voting for an idea that would be great effort for little result.
  • Furthermore I would suggest, that you can only downvote an idea with a corresponding comment, why you downvote.


The Bad

And here comes the bad.


First and greatest for me is the fact, that there were more than 400 ideas created in one month. How can it happen, that a product, that is more than 20 years on the market, is obviously that little optimized, has such huge lacks of features and functionality? I could hardly imagine having 400 ideas for Word, Excel or PowerPoint, that are not nonsense. OK, some of the ideas consider new technologies like JSON and of course FM engineers couldn´t have thought about this 10 years ago. But many or most ideas could have been realized years, if not decades ago. I just can´t imagine, that FMI didn´t have these ideas coming in, when the feature request page was a black box. So what did they do these years ?

And secondly, now that they have 400+ ideas. How long will it take, untill we see these realized. OK, we won´t ever see a 100 percent realization, but let´s think of 50%. Regarding the speed of FMI in former years, we get 50 new features max with a new version and every version takes one and half years. So we´ll have FM 19 and 2021, when 50% of all wishes are realized, that we - the community - created in one month. And I fear, that this assumption is more than optimistic.

Even worse, we will have more ideas from week to week, month to month. So it´s just mathematics, that 50% realization of the feature wishes of today will only be perhaps 25% in six years. OK, the speed of wishes will go down in the future, but with new technologies, new devices etc. there will always be further wishes coming in.

So I can only hope, that FMI is prepared to hurry up in the future.