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More problems discovered when using periods in FM14 - please help!

Question asked by Hi_Fi_Guy on Dec 26, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by beverly

In my previous post I mentioned how our solution had broken because the period in the lot number, AB15B.0024 was causing a problem that my temporary workaround was to change the . to a -


Today we also discovered on a separate form the . in the Locus numbers is experiencing the same issue AND when searching any info after a . is ignored. So if a search is for 12.LL.01 the search will look for 12, or if a search is for AB15B.0099 the search returns all records for AB15B ignoring the 0099.


This seems to be a major issue and so far only effects records created AFTER our FM Server was upgraded to FMS 14.


Any info on how to solve these period related problems would be greatly appreciated. Our entire solution worked perfectly before the upgrade to FMS 14.