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FileMaker Go AirPrint and PageSetup with Brother RJ-3150

Question asked by iconomydk on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2016 by eoin

At the moment I am trying to print a receipt from FM Go 14 to a Brother RJ-3150 printer via AirPrint - and it really teases me :-(


My receipt prints fine, when printing from my Mac, but when printing via Go my receipt is being cut in 3 pages.


Have tried to print just a simple rectangle, and the same thing happens.


I have tried this script:


print setup  ( paper set to 80x120 mm )

set variable $path  Get (TemporaryPath) & “path.pdf"

save as pdf - open



When running this script the first time - the pdf opens up and looks correct.


When the print menu opens - I can see that the page size is correct, but when the second print menu shows up - with a preview. Now the rectangle is cut into 2 pages.


Next time I fire the same script - the opened pdf is now also on 2 pages.


Is this a (known) bug, or can somebody help with what to do ?


Do anyone have success with the Brother RJ-3150 or RJ-3050 ?

Best solution for printing receipts from FileMaker Go ?


Best Regards