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iOS App SDK Rejected

Question asked by jasontallman on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by sebastijan

I keep having my app rejected. Because of the following. Has anyone received this rejection reason? If so do you know how to resolve it?


On launch and content download, your app still stores 6.77 MB on the user's iCloud, which does not comply with the iOS Data Storage Guidelines.


Next Steps


Please verify that only the content that the user creates using your app, e.g., documents, new files, edits, etc. is backed up by iCloud as required by the iOS Data Storage Guidelines. Also, check that any temporary files used by your app are only stored in the /tmp directory; please remember to remove or delete the files stored in this location when it is determined they are no longer needed.


Data that can be recreated but must persist for proper functioning of your app - or because users expect it to be available for offline use - should be marked with the "do not back up" attribute. For NSURL objects, add the NSURLIsExcludedFromBackupKey attribute to prevent the corresponding file from being backed up. For CFURLRef objects, use the corresponding kCRUFLIsExcludedFromBackupKey attribute.