Designing a mobile app - webviewer versus 3rd party application

Discussion created by madmike6537 on Apr 8, 2016

Hello - looking for some advice,


My company has a internal filemaker solution we have been using for years. Our management wants to re-design the mobile app and they want lots of features not native to Filemaker, lots of dragging and dropping icons on top of pictures, etc. I have experimented with doing some of this in a webviewer. Its definitely possible, but in my past experience I found developing javascript and HTML code for a webviewer to be extremely frustrating. For example, the webviewer sometimes just wouldn't load inexplicably, even when I could load the code just fine in any other browser. Sometimes restarting Filemaker would fix this, other times I would have to try and change the code to work within the webviewer even though it works fine outside of Filemaker.


Does anyone know if there has been any updates to the Filemaker Webviewer since Filemaker 13?


Alternatively- I am considering building the mobile app in something like Xamarin. But I am wondering how much work or if it would be even possible to get my data passing back and forth. I have a fair amount of development experience is C#, although it will definitely take longer than building a standard filemaker solution, I am not sure that it would actually take longer than trying to build everything inside a web viewer.


I have to wonder how the guys at SeedCode and GoDraw manage all their code for webviewers, seems like that would be a huge undertaking.