So many issues fixed in 15, why not patched in older versions?

Discussion created by sreese on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2019 by siplus

I have been looking through the issues forum and there has been a great many posts about "this has been fixed in 15" 


Its fantastic and all, but why not show the love to the previous versions? Since you know what the problem was go back and at least create patches for 14. With all of this price inflation FM has offered many customers may not want to spend the money to upgrade from 14 to 15, but would rather wait for 16 to come out.


I know this issue doesn't really affect me, but it bothers me a lot. FileMaker is a good product, but there are a lot of bugs that are only fixed by going to 15. I personally think this is BS as its not really a bug fix, its just corrected in the next version of a software. You didn't really "fix" the problem in the old versions.


It feels like FileMaker is trying to push people into its brand spanking new, very poorly received (especially with server), licensing structure.


With the tremendous price increases FileMaker has had over the last several versions I think it is just plain dumb that you don't fix the issues with the older version.


If you aren't going to fix some major bugs in previous versions of the software, then you should offer those who purchased it at retail price a free version upgrade. Its a load of bull that someone should have to purchase yet another upgrade for something FM should be fixing especially if it existed in 14.


The fact that these fixes made it into 15 means they solved them while 14 was still running and should have patched 14 and updated 15 as well.


Sorry for the rant, but this really annoys me to no end.