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Understanding FM15 FLT vs Concurrent Connections

Question asked by mdiehr on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by jormond

Here's a real-world scenario:


A company has...


1 FileMaker 14 server

5 employees who work in the office and thus connect via FMPro Only (they will never use WebDirect)

20 employees on the road who occasionally connect via WebDirect only (they will never use FMPro) but never more than 5 are connected at once.

This company runs an organization with a membership of 2000 members.   From time to time, these people might want to connect via WebDirect to submit a simple form connecting as a [Guest] user.  There would never be more than 5 of these at once.


Under the old concurrent licensing system, we'd need to buy 5 copies of Pro and 1 copy of Server (with 10 concurrent connections).


I'm having trouble understanding if this scenario could be handled under FLT.  


My main confusion is how FLT handles [Guest] access via WebDirect.   The FAQ mentions "anonymous users" or "occasional users" which I would assume is the same as [Guest] users, but it's not clear:  FileMaker Licensing for Teams FAQ | FileMaker 


Does FLT have a technical prohibition preventing [Guest] access?   Or does it allow [Guest] connections, but each one would count as "1 user"?