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Data Modeling - Multiple Attributes

Question asked by peakest on Apr 14, 2016
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I have an item that has multiple attributes that is related to one data point.  I have a "BUILD" (assembly).  For instance a wall being built for a new home.  Say I have 100 Lineal Feet of Exterior Wall.  This wall has multiple attributes, ie. 2x4 Plate Stock at a rate of 4 lineal feet of every 1 foot of wall.  Then there is plywood sheathing, where I have 9 square feet of plywood per every 1 foot of wall. etc... how can I get the results for each "BUILD" attribute based from the single data point of 100 lf.


Here is where I am at:  Please look at the portals data line 11 (1st Wall - XW26104 - 100 LF)

data model question 2016-4-14.png

Now I have related DETAILS or ATTRIBUTES of the build XW26104

data model question image 2 2016-4-14.png

What I need is the "EXTENDED" material list for the "BUILD"

100 EA 26104STUD

400 LF 2601 PLATE