Portal flickering in FileMaker Pro 15

Discussion created by scottworld on Sep 15, 2016
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I've stumbled upon an interesting bug in the FileMaker Pro client for OS X 10.11.6. This does not happen with FileMaker Pro 14.0.6, only in FileMaker Pro


We are connected to a FileMaker Server (version running on Windows Server 2012R2). We haven't yet upgraded the server machine to FileMaker Server 15, so I'm wondering if that would be the quick fix to this problem.


You can see a video of this problem by clicking on this link:

Fast forward to about 17 seconds into the video to see this problem happening more frequently.


And here is the explanation of the problem which you are witnessing in the video:


We have a layout based on the classic theme that has a portal on it. For this particular record, our portal is displaying 1,200 related records. The portal is being sorted by 4 unstored calculation fields in the child table. The portal does have FileMaker filtering enabled, but FileMaker filtering is based on a calculation which currently results in the number 1... meaning that this portal is currently showing ALL the related records in the portal (so no actual filtering is currently taking place). The portal's relationship itself is based on an unstored calculation in the parent table matching a stored calculation field in the child table.


Whenever we move our mouse over the portal itself, the portal begins to flicker. It's almost like the portal is trying to refresh the portal underneath our mouse movements. The parent record is committed, and all the child records are committed. We are not clicking into any parent fields, and we are not clicking into any child fields. We are simply moving our mouse back-and-forth across the screen -- but in order for this problem to occur, we must be moving our mouse OVER THE PORTAL ITSELF.  If we move our mouse around on other parts of the screen, the portal does NOT flicker at all. But as soon as we move our mouse over the portal, the portal flickers underneath our mouse. Sometimes, the flickering will cause the portal to jump all the way back to the very top of the portal, even though our portal options are set to NOT reset the scroll bar when exiting the record. There are no script triggers being triggered.


Thoughts on how to fix this? Perhaps the solution is as easy as upgrading the server to FileMaker Server 15?