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FileMaker 15 Server Problems

Question asked by disabled_jrcellin on Mar 31, 2017
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My company has been experiencing FileMaker server problems since we upgraded to 14 server last January 2016.  Something will trigger our server to go into a state of disarray in which it exhibits many unacceptable behaviors.  We have not been able to pin point what triggers the server to enter this state but it seems to happen every 2 weeks (recently multiple times a week).  Some of the symptoms we experience are:


1) Records that are created, deleted, or updated by a user are not pushed to other users  (I can't think of a worse problem that could happen).  This recently happened once we upgraded our client computers to 15.0.3.  My colleagues and I created a new database and uploaded it to the server while the server is in this state.  We created and edited records while looking at the information from other computers.  The data is not updated until you close FileMaker (even then sometimes it still shows wrong data).

2) Multiple sessions of the same user will be created.  This causes users to lock themselves out of records.  In one case one user had 12 sessions  with the same IP address in one database.

3) Interactive container fields cause the system to hang.  If a user enters a layout with an interactive container field (with data in it) the database will freeze until the user force quits.

4) ExecuteSQL calculations (maybe other calculations) don't compute correctly.


(There are also many other less important behaviors)


Note, Not all of these behaviors happen every time our server enters this state.


Fortunately when the server is restarted the issues are fixed and the server acts normally.  We have tried reinstalling the server yet these issues continue to occur.  We have not seen any other posts in forums about any issue like this.  We would appreciate any guidance!