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FileMaker Integration With Growl Notifications

Question asked by RonSmithMD on Jan 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2012 by sporobolus

I have been drooling for the ability to integrate my FileMaker solution (PaperCutPro®) with Growl Notifications. Does anyone know of a plugin that does this or a technique they are using to smoothly do this?


For those that don't know about Growl, it is a cross platform notifications system software addition, which can stack notifications on a user's screen using system dialogs outside of any current application. This eliminates the fixed linear dialogs that require user intervention. It is also better than timed dialogs that go away so that when a user who might be momentarily away from their computer could miss the dialog altogether.


I use Troi Dialogs which I like, and I was hoping and suggested that they add this feature to their plugin. I've not heard anything though for some time since my request. So now I'm looking for other avenues for Growl Integration.


Suggestions? I know that Applescript could be an option but it is not cross platform and indeed might no give complete Growl API functionality either.


Ron Smith, MD