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FileMaker Cloud - Typical Cost for small database.

Question asked by lkeyes on May 25, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by wimdecorte

I created  a CRM for our teeny non-profit, and we've been hosting it successfully on a Mac Mini with FileMaker Server.  (all are version 15 at the moment).  Users run it  mostly with desktop versions of FMP,  either Mac or PC.  


Now that I'm leaving the nonprofit, and that most of the staff are working remotely,  we'd like to migrate to FileMaker cloud.  Questions:


1. Could anyone give typical recurring costs for a month of cloud hosting?  

2. Is there a way to migrate  our own (already paid-for) server software on AWS, or do we have to go with the official cloud version? 


The system is relatively small...with about a dozen tables, with a maximum of about 5000 records per table.   It would be accessed by maybe 3 people simultaneously...again usually through FFP desktops, but possibly via the web, or on an iPad or phone.  


What we'd *really* like is to be able to host on our own Linode,  which we use for hosting our WordPress site, and which is butt simple to set up and maintain.  Or could this be done by encapsulating our server in a Docker container,  (if not the Mac server version,  maybe the Windows version of the server?) 


--- Larry