Data API decimal separator issue with Tableau (and everything else...)

Discussion created by airmoi on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by airmoi

Data API returns number using system's decimal separator, but in many countries, systems uses comma as the decimal separator.

This is leading to data loss or errors when consuming data over Tableau, javascript, PHP... and everything else :

Json specs specify that decimal separator must be a point


Regarding all systems that may consume json data this is a real problem for at least half of the world according to this article Decimal mark - Wikipedia .

Data API should never return numbers using anything else that point separator as it is a JSON Standard.


Found this issue when trying to use Data API with Tableau. I had huge differences between my database and Tableau's report.

After a while, I figured out that all floating numbers where imported as 0 value by tableau because of that decimal separator (all int values where imported correctly)