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FM Server on Linux

Question asked by ndveitch on Jun 13, 2017
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Hi All,


Is FileMaker planning on releasing a FMS for Linux? I ask this because surely if they can get FMS to work on Linux through AWS, surely they could release a stand alone Linux version for server? I have a client who is looking to move to the cloud and we were thinking of FM Cloud but being in Mauritius we are not sure if FM Cloud would be a good choice.


They have a small FM Solution and if we go the cloud route, that will mean having to buy a Windows Server 2016 license just to host their FM Solution. If FileMaker could release a FMS for Linux, that would help us out immensely. Actually if there was a FMS for Linux that would help in Africa as well as then we wouldn't have the stress of trying to sell our clients a microsoft license just to get them to go with FileMaker. 


Here in Africa we have to look for the cheapest option possible because of the price being in US Dollars, and when clients hear that they have to get a server on top of the development cost and FM costs, just to run their solution, lets just say, I have lost a number of deals because of all the extra costs. Having a FMS for Linux would be such a help in this regard.