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Web direct cant display databases - chrome - fm16

Question asked by josh84 on Sep 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by planteg

Hi all


I recently install FM16 server and everithing its been ok except for the error that chrome and other browsers shows when we try to conect with one of our databases.


Could not initialize JavaScriptConnector because no JavaScript init function was found. Make sure one of these functions are defined:

  • com_filemaker_jwpc_iwp_application_AppJavaScriptComponent
  • com_vaadin_ui_AbstractJavaScriptComponent
  • com_vaadin_ui_AbstractComponent
  • com_vaadin_server_AbstractClientConnector


With in red in the middle : The cookies are disabled. Which is not the case on the browsers.


Ive been reading other post but cant see if theres any solution to it. It works with IE, but as always happen we have clients using other browsers.


Did anyone had this issue and find a solution.