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Only some FileMaker clients get a host name mis-match

Question asked by c.wagner1 on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by c.wagner1

I recently upgraded to FileMaker Server 16 (Mac OS).  The upgrade went mostly fine, there are still a few minor issues that I am working around, but everything is running.  The server hosts 2 solutions that are connected to by a variety of different clients.  iPads, iPhones, FMP 14, 15, and 16.  With the upgrade to 16 the FMP 16 users complained about the security warnings from using the default SSL certificate.  Well I broke down and bought a new SSL certificate and installed it.  Everything went fine, but I found after the install I was still getting a hostname mismatch when connecting from my computer.  (OSX FMP 16).  My first thought was I screwed something up installing the SSL certificate and figured I would look into it at a later date once I had more time.  Today I was setting up a new machine for a user.  Installed FMP 15 on it showed the user how to log in to the solution they where going to be using and just so happened to notice there was no host name mismatch.  The connection to the server was encrypted with a valid certificate.  Both my computer that was receiving the mismatch and the new computer where on the same local network as the server.  Any ideas?