Exercise your FM Skills: Advent of Code

Discussion created by jbrown Expert on Dec 1, 2017
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I stumbled onto this website thanks to another FM developer.



Advent of Code 2017

This is a site that releases two puzzles a day to solve. Using any language (including FileMaker, though it isn't, strictly, a language) you write code to solve the puzzle. There's a leaderboard; the faster you solve it the more points you get. It is meant for developers of all levels. I don't usually care about points (except for here in the community), so I'll do the work just to have fun and solve puzzles.

New puzzles are released every night at midnight in some timezone. I see there's about 2.5 hours left until day 2's puzzle.


I strongly encourage you to check it out. It is a great exercise of using FileMaker to solve issues. I'm guessing we as FM developers will never have to solve a captcha (the first puzzle), but it is a fun exercise.


I'm going to work thru each of the puzzles in FileMaker and JavaScript.


I'd also love to post your solution to each day's puzzle. Would be fun to see how we all do it.


Let me know if you intend to join and work thru the puzzles.