"Connection failed," possibly SSL-related

Discussion created by l_allen_poole on Nov 10, 2017
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"Connection failed" on one machine only when trying to open a remotely hosted database that works fine for all other users

Product & Version

FileMaker Pro FMP 16.0.3 connecting to FM Server 14

Operating system version

OSX 10.11.6

Description of the issue

"Connection Failed" in the launch center for attempts at both WAN and LAN connection using settings that work for other users.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Attempt to connect to a FileMaker server database

Expected result

Server and its hosted files appear in Launch Center

Actual result

Server visible but "Connection Failed" replaces list of hosted files.


This same user was unable to connect using FileMaker Pro 14 when we enabled SSL encryption of FM server/client connections while all other users were able to connect with SSL enabled, so the fact that his upgrade to FMP 16 doesn't work while others' does may be related. What should I look to on a client workstation that would prevent connections with SSL enabled (for FM 14) and all connections (for FM 16)?