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Where is favorite server information stored for FMS 16

Question asked by DSKatSCL on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2017 by user19752

When FMP/FMPA are installed on client computers that are not on the same subnet network as the FileMaker server, then the client computers cannot find and show the hosted files on that server.  After an install or update of FMP/FMPA, the end user of IT has to open the launch center window and add the IP address or complete host name of the server to have its hosts applications displayed.


I need to install/update numerous computers with the latest Windows version of FMP.  To make this worse, we have about 200 users that need to access applications on the server and FMP saves that information by user, not by installs, and therefore multiple users have to go through the process of adding the server information on the same computer in order to access the hosted files.


I would like to set the server address information in the install package before deploying the software.  Does anyone know where the server information is saved in FMP 16?  Is there a Windows library/registry/user file or some other type of file that this is stored in, and where in the system does the file reside?