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SSL in FileMaker 16 - hopeless?

Question asked by PaulKneipp on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2018 by CarlSchwarz

I am so sick of this endless mucking around with SSL in FMS16. The implementation is a joke. Consider this from any other product:


1. FileMaker only approve certain providers of certificates.

2. Naturally, they are all quite expensive.

3. GoDaddy are one of the cheapest, therefore popular - but their tech support I spoke to had "never heard of FileMaker"

4. Installing the certificate is like a black art. One certificate? Two? The bundle as the intermediate? A generic intermediate?


I have spent over 3 hours installing and re-keying the server and the end result is always the same. Trusted by the web client - not trusted by FileMaker or the Console on the server.


FileMaker need to own up to the fact that this is a rubbish implementation of the protocol and fix it. Some decent instructions would be a start, instead of relying on all of us as free bug testers.