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GetField / Evaluate returns null when performed on server

Question asked by handylandfmaccount on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by Fred(CH)


GetField (also Evaluate) returns null, when performed on server. Works, when running from Client.


FileMaker Server


Operating system version

Windows Server

Description of the issue

GetField returns a null value instead of the value of the TableOccurrence::FieldName text named in the parameter. Our parameter includes the TableOccurence as a variable, the Fieldname is appended with '& "::FieldName"'. So it looks like this:

GetField ( $tableOccurence & "::FieldName")

The tableOccurence is a relationship with 3 tables involved (layoutTable > related Table 1 > related Table 2 :: Field Name). In other cases the GetField works like it should.

Expected result

That the value of the named field is returned--as it does in FM Pro.

Actual result

No value is returned. The script works partially and the Filemaker instance is in the proper layout, but doesn't get the related record.