Relationship based on a Global Calculation does not work consistently on hosted files

Discussion created by Fred(CH) on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2018 by Fred(CH)

FileMaker Pro 16.0.3 > 13.0.5 (at least)

FileMaker Server 15.0.2 > 14.0.4 (at least)

Windows 10 + OSX 10.11


When using Global Calculation to have a constant like "1", which is used as the second criteria in a relationship, for instance to relate only the active movements of an item, it will not work consistently on hosted files, if and only if, the target table (and the problematic relationship) is more than one table away in the relationship graph.


To replicate, just test the attached file, first locally and then when hosted. It have the only necessary : 3 tables and 1 records on each of them.


In the startup layout (batch), see the first movement_count should compute 1 because there is 1 related movement.

To the right of it you can can push the GTRR button to test further, but the result is consistant with the calculation.

You also have a button to debug; it does not do so much, no modification, just browse to the layout one relationship away, come back and do refresh window.


Well, enough said, just try it ;-)