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Designing Database

Question asked by j0ser on Mar 31, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by j0ser

First of all, Hi to you all!


I have been studying and exploring Filemaker 16 and its features for sometime know. How it all started was that I tried to find a an easy tool to create small contacts database to my studies project(other than excel) and found Filemaker and got really excited about it!


Now I've been reading and learning about Database design and have a question.


I have for example Products/Inventory database that has clothing, shoes etc in it. These products has many categories, colors, sizes etc.


So I have a design that lists


Sub Category (Winter Jackets, Fk=C_id),

Products (Jacket Detail, Fk=SubC_id)


Problem I have is that I'm not sure how should I have Sizes and Colors etc stored? Shoes(EUR45 or US10) and jackets (56 or XL)have different sizes. What do you guys and gals think I should do with the desing?


I would like to learn way to design a good database that be also fast enough to use, and also fast enough for reporting/data warehouse also(when I get that far in my learning ). I read that Transaction database and Data Warehouse database have littlebit different requirements for data.